We are very excited to announce that we have now fully integrated the CodeScreen workflow with GitHub Actions!

GitHub Actions provides a modern, best-in-class CI/CD platform built on top of GitHub. It allows developers to automatically build, test, and deploy code straight from their GitHub repos.

Now, each time a candidate pushes a new commit to the GitHub repo that has been created for their CodeScreen test, GitHub Actions will automatically build and test their solution. Candidates can then view the result of the build directly in GitHub.

GitHub Actions result

GitHub Actions result details

The GitHub Actions integration hugely enhances the experience for candidates taking CodeScreen tests, as they can now see immediate feedback on their solution.

Candidates could previously build and test their solution locally, but allowing them to see how their solution runs in the same environment that we run our analysis in provides them with full confidence that their solution is working correctly.

This CI workflow is also one that is familiar to all candidates and hence it will feel very natural to them. This further improves their experience and aligns with CodeScreen's vision as the real-world developer assessment platform.

The GitHub Actions integration is now available for all our languages/frameworks that support automated unit testing and is included in all our pricing plans at no extra cost!

If you have any questions or feedback, you can either send us an email at hello@codescreen.dev or message us via the live chat on our website.

Thanks for reading!